YRL's Yahoo Resource Locator strings

A "YRL" is sort of like a URL (Uniform Resource Locator - really a WWW
address). Entering a URL in a browser and back comes the file that
URL associated with it.

A YRL (Yahoo Resource Locator) is a unique string
that can be searched for at a WWW search engine and back comes a link to
the one file on the web which contains that YRL.  Unlike many URL's
YRL's can be short.  The YRL of this file is 7ztigerYRL .

Fred H. Olson, fholson at cohousing.org , developed the notion of YRL's
and coined the term (before 2/12/02 when this file
created). The Y in YRL was chosen to make a unique term.
Yahoo is a popular WWW directory but searches submitted to it are also
submitted to the Google search engine.