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From: Alan O'Hashi (adoecosyahoo.com)
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 05:43:11 -0800 (PST)
i still haven't figured out how to respond to individual posts.

anyway, most cities and towns allow home occupations through zoning codes.
boulder is no exception. such home-based businesses must be licensed /
permitted by the city.

here's a link to the boulder permit form and criteria.

i'd say there are a large number who don't get a permit. they get discovered
through enforcement, which causes more hard feelings. you're lucky this is a
transparent discussion at washington village.

at silver sage, we're having the same discussion about short term rentals,
which are not permitted by the hoa, but are approved by exception. we're
experimenting with the air b and b thing and eventually changing our
declarations on this and other stuff. i'm suggesting the silver sage community
look at the issue in a positive fashion. how can we engage itinerants to become
a part of the community while they are visiting.

as phil says, regardless of the cohousing part, people should be allowed to
lawfully use their homes as they see fit while being sensitive to the
neighbors. (this is why home occupations are regulated).

my observation is, people who have little or no experience living in close
quarters like in a condo complex or apartment building have more issues with
lots of comings and goings of neighbors and their visitors.

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