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From: mira Danyel brisk (
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 04:19:12 -0800 (PST)
Hi All,

You may have noticed by now...  especially if you are getting updates from
the Coho_US FB and/or Twitter pages (which if you aren't, why not???)...
that the National Open House Day event page has been UPDATED!  It is now
focused on attracting the public to the event.

We are full speed ahead:  Use it, share it, post it, do whatever you can to
get the word out.  Its a good things and its working!  Both locally for
your community and at large!  Connecting us more between communities, with
the 'public', with other media sources and organizations that could support
us and our events.  A win, win, win!

ACTION  STEP: * RSVP* and Invite others on the FB event page .... or create
your own LOCAL FB event and promote that! (if you do, send me the link to
connect it with your event listing. Thanks!)  -

There is lots of great info on on the website now!      Look around.   It
includes a *PRESS* *package* with a Press Release (use it for your local
news!), Email template to send out to your interested contact lists, and
soon to be a Flyer template to help spread the word.

You are well equipped to go out into the wider world around your community
and successfully advertise your own Open House event.

Want more???   More to come!  Look out for details later on a group
conference call to help inspire, plan and focus for local marketing and
planning efforts.

Anything else you would like to see or need help with???  Let us know.

*Mira Danyel Brisk*
*704-293-0412 <704-293-0412>*

*Cohousing Charlotte & Coho/US*
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