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An open discussion group for people who want to meet regularly to engage in conversation.

One week we may discuss poetry, politics, watch a video or discuss various topics.
(Some deep and some not so deep!)

The Pax Salon is a place where people can freely commingle and exchange ideas, talents, energy, imaginations and more!

Around 1610 a young noblewoman, fed up with the prevailing loutishness, did something unprecedented: she abandoned Louis XIII's court and set up her own "alternative space." The Marquise de Rambouillet remodeled a mansion near the Louvre, creating a suite of adjoining Salons, or large reception rooms, culminating in her sanctum sanctorum, the so-called chambre bleu.
Excerpts from A brief history of Salons

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Most Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
(unless otherwise noted in advance)
Meeting location in St Paul, Minnesota, USA varies.
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Phone: 651-227-3228
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~Tasty Tee ~ Inspired Coffee ~ ~Captivating Conversations~

Tea and cake will be served.

Donations for evening requested and accepted.
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The Mad Hatter Salons began in 2002, when Patty Guerrero had the idea and met Dave Thune, the owner of the space and she asked if salons could be held in the art gallery.

"A special, serious kind of fun is what Salons are finally all about - which is why it is so hard to capture their spirit. For unlike literature, fun leaves no traces. There is no archaeology of camaraderie."

Excerpts from "A brief history of Salons"
July 19, 2005
"Peacemakers' views of the World."
Polly Mann of Women Against Military Madness and lots of other peace and justice organizations will lead us in a discussion of how peacemakers can view the world.

July 5, 2005
Two parts of the DVD "Shocking and Awful". Open discussion.

June 21, 2005
Open Discussion

June 14, 2005
Open Poetry reading - Please bring one of your favorites, one that you have written and want to share or just come and listen.

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