LRT D2W proposal

On Sep 17, 2010 an additional proposal for an LRT route along Penn Ave N was
made that puts LRT and vehicle lanes both directions on Penn by taking an aditional 12
feet of right of way - 6 on each side.  Tho it takes 6 feet of the front yard of properties,
it does not take houses as D2C does (see below).

 D2W LRT Diagram

This proposal was first made in an email from Billy Binder (below).

The diagram of the proposal was created by Fred Olson starting with a
diagram of the D2A alternative from a Fall 2009 presentation:
The D2A cross-section was kept for comparison.
The D2W proposal widens the right of way (ROW) by 12 feet (6 feet on each side).

Widening of ROW calculation (in feet)
16 added lane
 1 added sidewalk width
-3 unused D2A ROW
-2 removed pedestrian barrier
12 net additional land used

There is a similar D2A diagram from the June 3, 2010 presentation
It also has diagrams for
D2B: Penn unchanged, LRT on Oliver
D2C: Everything on Penn by taking houses (about 100?) on one side
D2D: I am unaware of any diagrams of the proposal that would put LRT on Penn vehicular
traffic of Oliver (south bound) and Queen (northbound).

For much more about Light Rail Transit proposals through or around North Minneapolis,
see Northside Transportation Network

Initial D2W proposal

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:07:06 -0400
From: billyb billyb1943 at

Subject: [WHOmail] LRT

Dear Representative Champion:

Thanks for doing this!

Did anyone suggest using Penn for LRT, taking SOME part of the front
yards--but none of the houses, paying the property owners for the
land, buying them garages and then using a widened Penn Avenue with
LRT down the middle with traffic lanes on both sides?

LRT in the middle with traffic on both sides is what is done
successfully on the old Hiawatha Avenue for the Hiawatha LRT tracks
for a two block stretch north of 54th Avenue South, although
admittedly there is much less traffic on Hiawatha than there is on
Penn.  But four housing complexes were built on this two block stretch
and the marketing tag line is "LRT access"!

Bottom line for me is that I think that it is important the LRT serve
North Minneapolis by running down Penn Avenue and we need to search
for some way to make this happen.  The economic and transportation
opportunities are just too great to not try our best to come up with a
workable plan for everyone.

By the way I was there when all of the big old elms were cut down and
Penn was widened in I think 1959.  Before that, Penn looked exactly
like Oliver and Queen and all of the others!  My grandparents
continued to live on Penn for 30 more years after it was widened and
they had no problems with it--but there was still parking on
Penn......and now for the past 46 years I have lived on Washburn.

I will see you on Thursday--again thank you for your leadership on this!

Billy Binder
1943 Washburn Avenue North
Mpls MN

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