Blue Line proposals 2020 - Mpls, MN

Oct 2020:  Now that the BNSF and Penn Av alignments are out
for the Blue Line extension in Minneapolis, MN, I propose the
Emerson alignment.

It would start like previous proposals and have the first stop close
to where the Van White stop would have been at Olson Highway and Van
White Blvd (Emerson Av).  But then it would turn north and follow the
Emerson Av corridor north to stops at Plymouth and Broadway and then
on north to 26th Av N where it would turn west to Broadway Avenue.
It might use north and south split between Emerson and Fremont.

See Google Map of Blue Line proposals

Assuming it could reasonably fit in this alignment, it would have
several advantages:

1) It would serve the eastern part of the Harrison neighborhood
which was promised service by the earlier proposals.

2) It would serve Broadway at Emerson WITHOUT the disruption of
following the congested portion of Broadway (if that is even feasible).
A stop near the Penn Av and 26th Av N would serve nearby Broadway Av.

3) It would serve North Memorial Medical Center (which the BNSF proposal
did not do)

4) It would serve Plymouth Av at Emerson

5) The Van White Station could include a a new safer way for
pedestrians to cross Olson Highway.

6) It could reuse some of the engineering between Target Field and
   the Van White Station

7) In general it would better serve the population of North Minneapolis.
Note that in terms of serving people, where stops are located is more
important than how the the train gets between stops.

Fred Olson  fholson [at] or 612-588-9532

This page is maintained by Fred Olson,
  resident Homewood area of Near North neighborhood,
  1100-12xx Russell Av Block Club captain and
  early citizen participant Blue Line Extension discussions (~2016)
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Official options in this area for Blue Line Extension (with better map)