Lincoln Peace Garden

Image:Lincoln Garden Peace Garden sign - gone now

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The Lincoln Peace Garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is located in
the southwest corner of Penn Av N and 12th Av N (inside the fence around
the athletic field across from Lincoln School).  Google Map (Try satellite & street view)

Unfortunately it is currently only open when there are athletic events
or when it is being maintained (typically on Fridays or weekends) or by
appointment. It can be viewed somewhat thru the fence any time.

We are seeking volunteers to help maintain the garden; playing in the
dirt can be fun and satisfying.  Contact us.

For more information contact Becca or Fred by email:
garden at

Aerial picture with garden in upper right of field across from Lincoln School
A diagram of the garden from 2004 The rectangle shown is about
70 feet wide (East-West) and 44 feet North-South.
The label code - marginally readable in upper left is:
DW = Dogwood            The shapes with crosshatch are beds that were prepared to plant
SR = Shrub rose         with kids, for which this diagram was made.  The S shaped lines
EB = Elderberry         represent the paths thru the garden. they are crushed rock but
                        have considerable dirt mixed in so sprout weeds regularly.
Arch for Roses    .
The arch over the path for the roses was originally plastic pipe but was inadequate.
The new wood arch July 2011 is much more sturdy tho it does not have real footings.
As of Sep 1, 2011 the roses from each side have just met over the arch.  It will take
a while to be as extensive as in the pictures of the old arch with roses below.
Becca and Fred with Roses 2020
New arch with Roses (some)                          2012-06-28
Bare new arch  2  3                                 2011-08-05
Bare old arch                                       2010-04-10
Old arch with roses looking NE toward Penn & Plym   2007-06-07
Old arch with roses in bloom looking SW      *      2007-06-28
Old arch with roses in bloom 2 looking west  *      "
Old arch with roses in bloom 3 looking NE    *      "
Old arch with roses in bloom                        2008-07-17
( * There was a smudge on the camera lens, sorry 'bout that.)


The garden was started about 1996 by North Minneapolis gardeners with the
aid of Lincoln School teachers.  It was dedicated to Charles Johnson who
died May 6, 1996. He was leaning out a school bus window to shout to
friends when the bus began to move and his head slammed against a tree.
At the time of his death he was an eighth-grader at Franklin Middle
School in north Minneapolis and lived close to the Lincoln Field.
Charles Johnson's death - newspaper article

A few years later the athletic field was graded (and raised some), a
sprinkler system installed, new grass provided and the fence improved
and kept locked which made access for gardening difficult.  The teachers
involved moved on.  The garden went with little maintenance. In about
2002 Becca Brackett started doing some gardening at the site and this
evolved to the current efforts.  There is now access for gardening with a
separate padlock. Access to enjoy the garden is still a problem.
A small bench was added in 2006.  Arch for roses -- see above.