Morpheus band screenshots

Taken from 7am broadcast on NWCT Ch 19 on Jan 18, 2016
The recording was made in the NWCT studio on Jan 10 by the Freethinking Forum

 1 morpheus07:09:48.png
 2 morpheus07:11:31.png
 3 morpheus07:12:44.png
 4 morpheus07:16:36.png
 5 morpheus07:22:27.png
 6 morpheus07:26:16.png
 7 morpheus07:28:02.png
 8 morpheus07:28:17.png
 9 morpheus07:28:54.png
10 morpheus07:29:05.png
11 morpheus07:29:14.png
12 morpheus07:29:29.png
The last screen shot of the audience was taken a bit early, before my computer had gotten
the full resolution from the stream.  Hence it is blurry.  But you can make out the smiles and clapping.
Below is an image from the  band from their Facebook page

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