Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan

I've never been to Asia. My knowledge of that part of the world has long been lacking.
In particular I realize I confuse Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Friends are moving to Singapore for 3 years for a job and I decided to summarize a bit of
research here. As usual I turned to a map and Wikipedia.

This Google map, Eastmap, (opens in new window) shows all three with "pins".
(It does not work right if I am logged into Google :(  ) Click on << by upper left corner
of map to see more area. You can zoom in to look closer.

For area comparison, particularly of Singapore:
TC I-494/I-694 loop **    299   sq mi (  775    km2)
Hennepin County           606   sq mi (1,571    km2) 8.2% water
Minneapolis city limits :  58.4 sq mi (  151.3  km2) 6%   water

** Area inside I-494/I-694 loop around Twin Cities = about 13 x 23 mi rectangle

Singapore map
Twin Cities, MN, USA

Here is a summary of the basics from Wikipedia with links to articles there:


Capital         Singapore City (Downtown Core)  1 17 N, 103 51 E
Official languages      English, Malay, Mandarin (Chinese), Tamil
Government      Parliamentary republic
Area    Total   704.0 km2 (190th)  270 sq mi  Water (%)       1.444
Population      2007 estimate   4,680,600 (117th) 2000 census     4,117,700
Density         6,369.2/km2 (4th)   16,392/sq mi
GDP (PPP)       2007 estimate   Total   $161.35 billion (54th)  Per capita   $37,489 (17th)
GDP (nominal)   2007 estimate   Total   $171.95 billion         Per capita   $39,952
HDI (2007)      0.922 (high) (25th)
Currency        Singapore dollar (SGD)
Time zone       SST (UTC+8)
Internet TLD .sg

Hong Kong

Largest district (population)   Sha Tin District  22 15 N, 114 10 E
Official languages      English, Cantonese
Government      special administrative region of China
Area    Total   1,104 km2 (not ranked) 426.4 sq mi  Water (%) 4.6
Population      2007 estimate   6,963,100 (97th) 2001 census     6,708,389
Density         6,352/km2 (3rd)  16,469.6/sq mi
GDP (PPP)       2007 estimate    Total   $289.7 billion (39th)  Per capita   $41,614 (6th)
GDP (nominal)   2007 estimate    Total   $203.0 billion (37th)  Per capita   $29,149 (28th)
HDI (2007)      0.937 (high) (21st)
Currency        Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
Time zone       HKT (UTC+8)
Internet TLD    .hk


Capital & largest city  Taipei 25 02 N, 121 38 E
Official languages      Standard Mandarin
Government      Semi-presidential system
Area    Total   36,188 km2 (136th) 13,975 sq mi  Water (%)       10.34
Population      2007 estimate   22,911,292 (47th)
Density         633.12/km2 (14th)  1,639.43/sq mi
GDP (PPP)       2006 estimate  Total   $681.8 billion   (16th)    Per capita     $29,600 (27th)
GDP (nominal)   2006 estimate  Total   $364,563 billion (21st)    Per capita     $15,482 (35th)
HDI (2005)      0.932 (high) (23rd if ranked)
Currency        New Taiwan dollar (NT$) (TWD)
Time zone       CST (UTC+8)
Internet TLD    .tw