Street painting proposal

Updated 2/13/20
for 1000-12xx Russell Av N Block Club in Minneapolis.  May 2019

Our block club has discussed creating a street painting as a community
building project for some time including at two recent meetings
(March and May 2019) with a favorable response.  The proposal is to put it
in about the middle of the intersection of Russell Av N and 12th Av N
which is the center of our two block long (N-S) Block Club.
This intersection is quite large because the streets do not intersect
at a right angle and the northwest corner is a wide curve.

For more about why a street painting, see Street painting video
from an organization in Portland, Oregon where residents have painted
street art at numerous intersections.

Twin Cities Street paintings

Over the years there have been several street paintings in the Twin cities. Unless they are repainted regularly they do not last more than a few years. This intersection in St Paul has had two different designs. Pascal and Van Buren - Spiral 2017 Source Pascal and Van Buren Date unknown Source Fairview and Taylor in Saint Paul Oct 2017 Source Parking lot Robbinsdale north of Transit Center, Aug 2018 with bike racks (now moved) Source Corcoran neighborhood, Minneapolis East 34th Street and 19th Avenue South Aug 2011 Source:video below 7 minute video about this Painting Corcoran Neighborhood Organization 33rd Street East and 21st Avenue South, June 2012 Source: "GUIDELINES document (below) page 6 Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association East 34th St and 10th Ave S date unknown Source: "GUIDELINES document (below) page 6 Not a street painting but related Maple Grove Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes

Getting it done

City of Minneapolis PAINT THE PAVEMENT INSTRUCTIONS & GUIDELINES 2018 (still in use Jun 2019) Placing Art on City Property See near bottom: Paint the Pavement (click on "+")

Fred's proposed design -- De colores peace symbol

Here are renderings of 5 versions of Fred's peace symbol design for proposed street painting. My preference is Version 7. Version 4 Version 3 Version 2 Version 1 They were produced with a little Logo program which can be modified to tweak the design as with Version 1-4 Advantages of this design: 1) Nice symbolism uses African American Flag colors supplemented with three more colors to represent the rainbow of colors of people. Version 7 (March 20202) adds purple ring as a nod to Pride flag. Painting and two flags for comparison 2) Simple design that can be painted (and re-painted) relatively easily. Circles can be painted with a roller attached to a line from a center pivot - like a compass. 3) Uses black color of new asphalt paving to minimize paint. Dimensions: Outside diameter 480 pixels (20 feet), Other dimensions (version 2-4) : narrow lines: 14 pixels wide (7 inches). Middle lines: 35 pixels (17.5 inches) Here are 2 peace symbols off the web to refer to for overall proportions: white on black peace symbol outline peace symbol I think I prefer the proportions of the white on black one over the outline. Other references of inspiration African American flag images African American flag wikipedia Philadelphia's Pride flag Gay Pride flag / rainbow flag wikipedia "De colores" ([Made] of Colors) is a traditional Spanish language folk song

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