N Mpls Bikeways

The North Minneapolis Bike Task Force consists of representatives of North Minneapolis neighborhoods.
For more information about the taskforce, email:  bikeways at justcomm.org

Around 2005 the taskforce met and studied possible bikelane routes and hosted:

 North Minneapolis Bicycle Taskforce Open House

 A Presentation of 2005 North Minneapolis Bikeways projects

 Tueday, April 19th, 2005    6-8pm
 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Room
 2117 West River Road  (north of Broadway)
 Minneapolis, MN 55411

  "Join elected officials and community leaders as they unveil four new
  bicycle route corridors that will connect North Minneapolis
  neighborhoods to the rest of the city.  Call 612-673-2411 for more

To see more detail about the routes see the map and description at:
City of Minneapolis Bicycle Map -- Draft (pdf) (2.5 Mbytes)
or via: City N Mpls Bikeway page (then >Where to Ride )